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I decided when it comes to work, I have to either step up or ship out. I think I have a lot of potential and even though I’m still a baby at 24, I’m more mature and a higher performer than people in their 30s. So I’m stepping up. Going to work harder, volunteer for more. Instead of just expecting people to listen to me because I’m a sassy New Jersey Latina/Italian, I need to earn it. So imma hustle. I’m aiming for a promotion in spring 2016. I’ll be ready then.

Motivation is cool. If only I could get on a damn treadmill now, I’d be set. Too bad there isn’t a surgery that can get me promoted, am I right?


Their love lasted 700 years.

Skeletons of a man and a woman are found holding hands:

They probably had the plague. And it was probably all his fault because he didn’t listen to her when she told him to be a bit cleaner, take out the trash, etc. And when she was dying she was probably like, “yo fuck this. You see what you did? You’re coming with me.”

That’s how I would have done it, at least.

I should stop mixing pills. I take things with a side of muscle relaxer. I just ordered more “for fun”. I use them mostly for cramps but also just to see if they add anything exciting to the main course. I don’t drink a lot because I’m afraid of gaining weight back. This is probably very unhealthy. I’ve also started smoking a bit more (still not a lot…but noticeable since I quit pretty much when I was 19). I guess this is what “cross addiction” means. I’m going to grab some ice cream now. Good evening.





 #remember when sookie was played by a fat actress and there were literally no jokes about her weight on the show? #remember how she wasn’t defined by her weight? #remember how she got to date and get married and have kids and not be just the token funny fat friend of the main character? #remember when she ~got her life together and was happy before lorelai and that wasn’t seen as threatening?

remember how her insecurities (which she did have, because doesn’t everyone?) had nothing to do with her appearance and were more about her artistic failures, her ability to be a mom, her “annoying quirks” she thought Jackson would get tired of?

remember how even though she was often clumsy forgetful and disorganized she was still portrayed as a competent adult? remember how her decision to get married and have kids didn’t diminish her career as a master chef and entrepreneur? remember how she was a bubbly and funny supporting character without being shallow or unintelligent?

I think about this every time I see Melissa McCarthy

(Source: halpertjames)

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