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i called my boss out in a meeting yesterday for “throwing shade” at one of our team members. i need to stop watching real housewives but i give so few fucks that i honestly find this hilarious. i’m going to be in trouble hahahahahaha

i dream about food every night. how fucking sad is that.

last night, all i wanted was banana cream pie and i couldn’t find it. i tried to make up for it with cobblers and a napoleon and i think chocolate cake which i don’t even care for but NONE OF IT MATTERED because i couldn’t get my hands on that banana cream pie.

do you think banana cream pie could count as a soft solid?

get inside me.

Does giving up a baby for adoption erase all the extra personal expenses shelled out over the course of a pregnancy? Does it magically restore any pay or chance at advancement that you might have lost? Does the act of adoption fully return your body to its pre-pregnancy, uninjured state, such that you don’t need time off work to recover afterward? Does it decrease the cost of taking care of pregnancy-induced diabetes or other pregnancy-related conditions that don’t heal up right away? I don’t think so.
Reproductive Choice Is About More Than Getting ‘Fat’—It’s About Bodily and Economic Autonomy (via brutereason)

i had dreams about pizza all night long. i never stood a chance as a new jersey italian with a reduced stomach.

some people dream about their crushes but at this point i’m like, fuck men, bring on the pizza.

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